Is David Morrell the next star at 168?

The super middleweight division is known for having its share of high level fighters, with Caleb Plant as a former world champion, David Benavidez as the current WBC interim champion, Demetrius Andrade who has entered the division, and the top fighter being Canelo Alvarez. Recently, however, there has been some buzz about a fighter with under ten professional bouts that has made a name within the division. That man is David Morrell Jr.

Coming off of his first round knockout victory against Yamaguchi Falcao in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, David Morrell Jr. has been on a roll as he has been stopping each of his opponents since 2020. The 25-year-old Cuban born fighter that currently resides in Minnesota has nearly won every round in his bouts. Morrell is the WBA world champion and has held that title since 2021 when he stopped Mario Cazares. Victories over Alantez Fox, Kalvin Henderson and Aidos Yerbossulnuly put him in the top ten in the division, and it didn’t take long for him to get in the top five with his quick win against Falcao. With eight stoppage victories out of nine wins in his young professional career Morrell may be gaining momentum as one of the fighters to watch in the sport…but is he the next star at 168?

That is a question that might take some time to answer, but Morrell is willing to prove himself against the top fighters of the division. As mentioned earlier, Alvarez sits at the top as the undisputed champion plus Benavidez has held a world title and defeated Caleb Plant in March. However, Morrell feels like he is ready for Benavidez right now.

David Morrell Jr. is confident that he can defeat the top fighters in the division. Photo by James Bell

“I don’t want any other guys at 168 pounds. Just Benavidez,” Morrell said after stopping Falcao in April. “Where is he? I want to fight Benavidez, man. He’s next, 100 percent.”

When it comes to being a professional, Morrell conducts himself like someone who does not take shortcuts in training and in his fights. His lead trainer is the world renowned Ronnie Shields, who has been in the corner of multiple world champions. Shields knows how good Morrell is, and is confident that the Cuban can compete with the top guys not only at 168 but also 175.

“Morrell is ready for anyone at 168 and at 175 pounds,” Shields said on War A Week Radio. “Is anyone ready for him?”

It will be interesting to see where Morrell is later this year as there is talk that he might fight Benavidez next. Whether that fight happens or not, there will be more attention given to Morrell and if he is able to continue his unbeaten streak. For now, Morrell sends the message

“I want to fight the best in the division.”

Cover photo by James Bell


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