Fighting in Photos: Tank-Ryan press conference

The energy was high as camps for Gervonta “Tank” Davis and “King” Ryan Garcia had a lot to say at the press conference ahead of Saturday’s bout at T-Mobile Arena. It started out with Oscar De La Hoya making statements that the team for Davis was not that confident that Davis would win.

“When I look at ‘Tank’s’ team’s action throughout the whole promotion, I am left to wonder, ‘Do they really think this guy is ready?’” De La Hoya said earlier today. “Catchweights and rehydration clauses. Late afternoon weigh ins. All these small petty requirements point to a team looking to protect their fighter, and why would they protect their fighter, unless they don’t think he’s ready for this moment?”

Chairman of Golden Boy Promotions Oscar De La Hoya had a lot to say at the press conference in the KÀ Theatre at MGM Grand. Photo by James Bell

This prompted a fiery response from the CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe, who addressed

“We believe in Tank 1000%. So when it comes to what Oscar says, he has no room to talk about anything,” Ellerbe stated. “We carry ourself like the A-side because that’s what we are.”

He followed that with a prediction for Saturday: “It’s going to be Tank Davis by KO, like I’ve been saying, and it might be early.”

Next, the trainers for each of the fighters made their statements. Joe Goossen isn’t one to engage in a war of words, but he is extremely confident that his fighter will be victorious on Saturday.

“Ryan Garcia is one of the most uniquely talented fighters I’ve ever been involved with in a half of a century,” Goossen said. “I’ve never seen anybody train as hard, or focus as much as Ryan has. I just can’t say enough great things about him. He’s going to bring something very special to the ring Saturday, I can guarantee that.”

Coach Calvin Ford did not waste time with the message that he wanted to send to Ryan Garcia and his camp.

“Be prepared Saturday night, because it’s on. In the words of my coaching partner Kenny Ellis, we’re going to put some knuckles on somebody,” Ford said. “I ain’t never seen a king hold his kingdom down when you have a vicious crew come through. We are coming through. We are vicious. We aren’t just boxing. We’re doing this.”

For Ryan Garcia, he feels the importance of this fight is monumental as the winner will be viewed as the face of boxing.

“The magnitude of this fight is huge. Everything is already on the line,” Garcia said. “I’m just ready to go as deep as I have to. This moment is everything to me. I’ve envisioned this for years and it’s finally here.”

Garcia showed a level of confidence on the podium as he feels that Davis will find out how good he really is.

Ryan Garcia feels confident that he will come out Saturday night with a victory. Photo by James Bell

“You’re gonna learn the hard way. He’s gonna find out exactly why I’m here. You don’t get to this position without having something special. Anybody can see that. I’m ready to do what I do. I’m gonna end him, I promise that.”

Davis has felt that he is the much better fighter since this bout was signed, The theme for him and his camp has been to punish Ryan Garcia, and Davis wants to put a hurting on his opponent.

“He’s gonna feel me for sure. I am what I say I am. I’m that guy. I didn’t get all the way here for no reason,” Davis said. “He’s gonna see it come Saturday night for sure.”

While Garcia has said that he will end the fight early with a knockout win, Davis dismissed that.

“He’s delusional if he thinks he’s knocking me out,” he said. “He’s getting his ass whooped.”

Photo highlights by James Bell

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