Fighting in Photos: Anderson stops Forrest in 2 rounds

Young heavyweight contender Jared Anderson continued his unbeaten streak and knockout streak with a second round stoppage victory over Jerry Forrest in Madison Square Garden to claim the WBO International and WBC Silver USNBC titles. Anderson improved his record to 13-0 and all 13 wins have been by knockout.

The first round started with some action as both fighters were landing power shots within the first minute, but then Anderson took over in the tail end of the round by landing a series of big punches that nearly ended the bout. In the second round, Anderson landed a big right hand which sent Forrest back to the ropes which forced the referee to stop the bout.

“Once I get hit it’s a whole different ballgame. I switch up everything. My mindset, how I fight, everything,” Anderson said. “I did want to get all the way warmed up. But once he did hit me, as ya’ll see, something flipped, and all I saw was red.”

“I learned to keep my composure even earlier. It shouldn’t have to take me to get hit for me to be able to do that. But everything was alright once I started to adjust myself and get my feet up under me.”

Photos by James Bell of The Boxing Source.


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