Amanda Serrano knows what is at stake against Gutierrez

Over a pro career that has spanned 12 years, Amanda Serrano (41-1-1, 30 KOs) has done just about everything that can be done in the boxing ring. She has won world titles in seven weight classes, amassed the second most knockout victories in women’s boxing history, the first woman to be named WBO super champion, and more. While she is one of the most decorated fighters in the sport, it seems like there is one more challenge ahead of her.

There has been buzz about a potential fight between Serrano and undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor since 2020. Up to this point it has not been able to get made. However, talks have fired up again for a bout between the two. Both parties feel like it is fairly close to happening next year but both have bouts upcoming, with Serrano going up against world title challenger Miriam Gutierrez (14-1, 5 KOs) in Tampa on December 18th. For Serrano, it will be a tough task for her as she will be going from featherweight in her last bout to lightweight. She knows that it is a gamble given what could be there for her in 2022.

“I’m the featherweight champion and I’m taking a risk by moving up in weight,” Serrano said. “In women’s boxing, we have to go to where the opportunities are and I want to be able to do things that not every girl can do. And that’s win multiple divisions in different ways from 140 all the way down to 115.”

As mentioned, Serrano has won titles from super flyweight all the way to super lightweight. For the past few fights she has been at featherweight, which included her defending the WBC, WBO, and IBO titles against Yamileth Mercado earlier this year. Now that she is going up two divisions to fight Gutierrez, Serrano states that she feels more comfortable going down instead of up.

Amanda Serrano is aware of what could be ahead if she beats Gutierrez on December 18th. Photo by Matt May

“I would actually rather lose the weight than gain the weight. It’s so hard for me to keep the weight on
because once I start training I drop it. I’m eating a lot of good foods and had to hire a nutritionist for this
camp to make sure I’m strong.”

This fight is part of a Showtime pay-per-view card headlined by Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury and it is the second consecutive time that Serrano has been fighting on a Jake Paul card. After her fight against Mercado her popularity as a fighter has gone up. She credits that to being signed by Paul and also having training sessions with him.

“My career has definitely changed since signing with Jake Paul. I’ve gotten a lot more fans. A lot more followers, due to Jake Paul. It’s just something different. I’m so into boxing and I’ve never really done anything outside of boxing. I’ve dedicated my whole life to it so being under the lights and on social media is something different for me but I’m continuing to learn about it and I can learn a lot from Jake Paul. He’s done a lot of amazing things with his platform and I hope one day I can be half as good as he is.”

That popularity could be key to her securing the fight that she has been seeking against Katie Taylor. First, she has to take care of business on December 18th. Serrano knows that she has to perform well in order for that Taylor fight to take place.

“I have to look good. I’m training really hard for Miriam. I know she is a tough girl and I’m just going to go out and be the best I can be and I think the fight with Katie Taylor is going to happen.”

Cover photo by Matt May of Showtime


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