Fury and Wilder have long face off at press conference

Earlier today in Los Angeles, the WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury came into the press conference for his third fight against Deontay Wilder in a jovial, confident demeanor as he bounced around the stage after being introduced by Showtime’s Jimmy Lennon Jr. He did get the 7th round stoppage victory over his opponent over a year ago, and he felt that it was so dominant that he “took Wilder’s soul” in that fight.

On the flip side, Wilder arrived with a fairly stoic, businesslike appearance with shades and headphones. It was a clear difference to how he usually shows up to press conferences as he is known for being very vocal. It was surprising to many, but he felt like there wasn’t much to say.

“Look…enough said, time to cut off (Fury’s) head. And come July 24th, there will be bloodshed.” Wilder said in the opening moments of the press conference.

After those remarks, he didn’t say anything else.

Fury felt like the words coming from the former champion were similar to what he was saying in the lead up to the previous fights the combatants had.

“Heard it all before,” Fury replied. “He said all this last time. Decapitation and bloodshed, and all that, and we all know what went down.”

Tyson Fury shows off his suit jacket in the press conference. Photo by Sean Michael Ham of TGB Promotions

That win that Fury scored in Las Vegas last February has him really poised that he will be the victor on July 24th. He feels that Wilder is a one dimensional opponent that was able to get where he has because of his right hand. As before the last encounter, Fury made a prediction that he stops Wilder again.

“Deontay Wilder is a one-trick pony. He’s got great one-punch knockout power. I’m going to run him over like I’m an 18-wheeler. I guarantee he doesn’t go past where he did in the second fight. I’m looking for a big knockout straight away.”

Even though Wilder did not answer questions during the press conference, his head trainer Malik Scott did address what was asked and felt that his guy has done what is required to prepare him for this fight on July 24th.

Wilder looks on during the press conference held in Los Angeles. Photo by Ryan Hafey of Premier Boxing Champions

“Deontay has made the mental adjustments. All I needed was a receptive athlete,” Scott said. “He’s already made the adjustments to do whatever I need him to do in that ring. He’s turned his household into his training facility. Him making that adjustment is what I’m impressed with the most.”

“I have no doubt that Deontay will become the two-time heavyweight champion of the world and it will come by knockout.”

Both fighters aim to score an emphatic win to conclude the trilogy and from their statements today that seems to be their intention. Fury has been in camp with his head trainer Javon “Sugar” Hill for over a year and their chemistry has been consistent in his eyes. However, he believes that Fury has an additional element that has not been on display before.

“The amount of time we’ve had together, the chemistry has always been there,” Hill said. “The only thing I have to say is over that time, he now has the power to knock a man out with one punch. I’m happy that he has that now. He now has the one-punch knockout power. He just needs to land that punch.”

After a verbal exchange between Fury and Malik Scott, the two fighters that will be in the ring on July 24th had an extended face off which got the attention of both camps and security. After being face to face for an extended time, Wilder put on his shades and walked off the stage.

As intense as that was, many anticipate the fight to be the same.

Cover photo by Mikey Williams of Top Rank


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