Reaction to Spence-Garcia

Last night, AT&T Stadium held the unified welterweight title fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Danny Garcia, and after 12 rounds the defending champion Spence got the unanimous decision win to stay unbeaten. Here are three things that came out from this bout and after it.

Spence is still sharp

The intrigue going into the fight was if Spence was significantly affected from the car accident that took place last year that sent him into the hospital. The facial lacerations suffered from the accident had people thinking that he would not be able to take punishment in the ring, and with Danny Garcia being the opponent many were unsure if Spence could take a counter shot that Garcia is known for. However, over the course of the fight we saw Spence be comfortable in what he could do in that ring and throw multiple punches at a time…plus be aware to look for Garcia’s right hand counter. This was evident in the second half of the fight when Spence kept his left hand up to guard his face after throwing the right jab up top or down to the body where he could have left himself open.

Garcia is good, but not great (at welterweight)

Yes, Danny has been a champion in two weight classes. Yes, his record looks good as he has 36 wins…but this fight showed that he doesn’t have the ability to compete with the guys at the top level at welterweight. Sure, he had close fights against Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter which were his other two losses…in the fight against Spence, not only was he conservative at the start of the fight but he didn’t show much aggressiveness until the 10th round which at that point was too late. In order for him to be considered as one of the top fighters in the welterweight division, he has to be able to either set up his opponent for his power shots or he has to be better on defense. Spence looked like he was able to land his jab anytime he wanted on Danny, and that led to the welt that built up on Danny’s eye. He had no defensive answer for that and in order to get back to the top he has to work on that.

We won’t see Spence-Crawford in 2021…

A lot of boxing fans were surprised to see Terence Crawford in attendance at AT&T Stadium last night and those who were watching on PPV were very surprised to see the commentators bring up Crawford’s name (on multiple occasions!) but that does not mean that a fight between him and Spence will take place next year. When Crawford defeated Kell Brook last month, he and Top Rank CEO Bob Arum mentioned that they wanted a fight with Manny Pacquiao and that they are working on making that happen in Saudi Arabia. Spence said that he was going to take a rest after his win against Garcia and despite his coach Derrick James wanting him to get back in the gym before the year ends, Spence will not have his next fight until next summer. With that being known, the fight that will determine who the top welterweight is won’t take place until 2022.

Cover photo by Ryan Hafey of Premier Boxing Champions


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