Berchelt stops Valenzuela in 6 rounds

The WBC super featherweight champion knew that he had a big fight on the horizon, but that didn’t deter him from the task at hand in Mexico City.

Miguel Berchelt battered Eleazar Valenzuela in six rounds to force a stoppage by referee Cesar Costanon, and Berchelt will now prepare for a fight against former WBO featherweight champion Oscar Valdez. He is looking forward to that bout, as he knows that it will be highly competitive between the two fighters.

“Every fan wants to see that fight and we are ready for that war,” Berchelt said after his fight with Valenzuela.

During the fight, Berchelt looked to continue his aggressive, come-forward style that he is known for. He was able to do that for the majority of the fight, but Valenzuela took most of what Berchelt was throwing. After four rounds, the punishment that Berchelt was dishing out started to show. Welts on the face of Valenzuela started to get worse, and the referee put a halt to the bout in the middle of the 6th round.

Berchelt talked about how much he was affected by fighting in Mexico City and the grit that Valenzuela had in the battle.

“I felt great, but the altitude Mexico City hit me a little bit. It is not easy to fight in Mexico City, but thank God we got the victory. Eleazar is a tough fighter. He endured everything I threw at him. He gained my respect. My experience as world champion pushed me forward.”

While the fight was at lightweight, Berchelt will go forward with his world title defense against Valdez later this year. It should be a good battle full of action between two highly rated fighters.


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