Miller blitzes Adamek for KO

“Big Baby” stood out against his opponent as he had a significant weight advantage and that was the major factor in the fight on Saturday night at Wintrust Arena.

Jarrell Miller made it an early night for Tomasz Adamek with a knockout in the second round of their fight in Chicago, as Miller overwhelmed the veteran and made Adamek not want to continue. An uppercut after a flurry of punches from the Brooklyn native sent Adamek to the canvas, and while the count was getting closer to ten the decision was made by Adamek not to get up and receive more punishment. Miller remains undefeated, going to 22-0-1 and registering his 19th knockout of his pro career while Adamek falls to 53-5. There was an indication that this may be the last fight of Adamek’s career, but there was no word from Adamek or his team if that was the case.

The first round was where Miller got the confidence that Adamek could not do anything to stop his movement. The fact that he was almost 90 pounds heavier than the former two division world champion meant that he could walk through the punches that Adamek was throwing which was on full display at the start of the fight. Adamek tried to throw combinations up close, but that did not stop the forward movement of Miller which is what he does in the majority of his fights. Within the first minute of the round Adamek threw a double left hook to the head and the body of Miller, but that didn’t affect him at all. Miller started to walk down Adamek around the ring and throw multiple punches while pinning Adamek against the ropes.

Miller approaches Adamek to attack in their fight at Wintrust Arena.
Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Round 2 had a similar start but Miller responded to Adamek earlier than in the first round and threw a series of combinations that overwhelmed the veteran. A right uppercut sent Adamek backwards within the first 30 seconds of the round, and then the second uppercut that landed was the one to put him down to end the fight. Adamek had come into this fight with some momentum after his loss to Eric Molina in 2016, but the 19-year pro had no answer for the bigger and younger Miller. This fight was something to keep Miller active in his quest to challenge for a world title down the line, and he knew that was what this fight was about.

“The main thing we trained for was coming forward and letting our hands go,” Miller stated after the knockout win. “Tonight was about having fun and I knew there was going to be a good crowd (for the fight). I noticed that my size in coming forward, he missed a couple shots and he was winded from just missing. And so I know he knows I’m this big guy, I’m not going to be a sitting target, I’m going to keep coming forward.”

Miller celebrates after knocking down Adamek from an uppercut that led to his win.
Photo credit Ed Mulholland

He has been looking for a title shot in the heavyweight division, and with the recent win by Anthony Joshua over Alexander Povetkin, Miller feels that he should be next in line to fight Joshua.

“When it comes to boxing, there’s always politics and trying to maneuver. Eddie Hearn is still keeping him (Joshua) away from me right now…I think the AJ fight is going to come through sooner or later.”

There has been talk that Miller could fight for the WBA “regular” title against Fres Oquendo before the end of the year. If so, then that could mean that “Big Baby” would be one step closer to his wish of fighting for a world title.

Cover photo by Ed Mulholland of Matchroom Boxing USA


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