Canelo-GGG 2 preview

It is being called one of the most anticipated bouts of the year and one that is four months from when it was originally supposed to take place, but it is finally here. The rematch between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) and Gennady Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) will take place tomorrow and will decide who is the top guy in the middleweight division. Both Alvarez and Golovkin are looking forward to getting at each other. A lot of animosity is out there between the two fighters and the two camps and both sides feel like it is for good reason. They were supposed to fight earlier this year but it was not to be as Canelo was suspended for six months due to testing positive for clenbuterol.

For months, Canelo has been attempting to clear his name and at the same time prepare for his rematch against Golovkin. In the first fight, he had a lot of success boxing in range and taking a few power shots from his opponent before fading in the middle rounds allowing “GGG” to get back into the fight. He will take what he had from that first half and improve on his stamina against Golovkin.

“The last fight gave us the blueprint for this rematch,” Canelo stated while training for this fight. “We don’t necessarily have to change the strategy; we just have to add to what we did. We have to throw more punches in every round. We need to do that to remove any doubts about the victory.”

Canelo works the heavy bag in training camp for the Golovkin rematch.
Photo by Hogan Photos

Canelo feels very confident that he knows what is in store from his opponent in the second fight between the two.

“This is one of those fights we’re I’ll be the most prepared of my career.My reflexes are quicker than his, so I could see (his) punches. His power is nothing out of this world. In the fifth round, I was hit with the kind of shot to knock someone out. It was between the ear and the neck, but I didn’t feel anything.”

He intends to end the streak of Golovkin who has defended a version of the middleweight title for 20 fights, which is the longest active streak in the sport. Gennady had a string of KO or stoppage victories until last year with a decision win over Daniel Jacobs and the draw against Canelo. He feels that he was the clear winner last September, and he wants to prove that he is the better fighter on Saturday night.

“This is my first rematch. I’m very excited because this fight is a completely different situation for us and for the fans,” Golovkin stated. “They get to see a fight with a real champion, two pound for pound champions. I’m very happy because I am fighting at the highest level.”

Both Golovkin and Canelo felt that they won the first fight last year. Photo by Hogan Photos

He comes in this fight knowing that if he wins, he makes a claim that he could be considered among the best middleweights in history and one step closer to becoming the undisputed middleweight champion. At 36 years old and a pro for 12 years, he knows that there is not much longer that he will be in the boxing ring. Golovkin wants to leave a legacy that will last in the sport for a while, but in order for that to happen he has to defeat Alvarez. He wants to get Canelo to fight “Mexican Style” because he feels that he will have the advantage if that happens.

“Canelo is my most important fight because he is my next fight. That is the only thing that makes Canelo special. There was nothing special about him in the first fight. He did not fight Mexican Style like he promised. Over the last twelve months, Canelo has showed everyone his true self.”

Boxing fans hope that they will have a clearer view as who the top middleweight is after Saturday night. With the way that they have acted towards each other leading to the fight, I feel that there will be a winner by the end of the night.

Cover photo by Hogan Photos


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