Canelo-Golovkin II press conference highlights

In Los Angeles California on February 27th, boxing fans saw Gennady Golovkin and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez go face to face once again as they are preparing for their rematch on May 5th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. There was a press conference held outside of the Staples Center for fans to attend to see both fighters. They were joined by their trainers and lead promoters, and all of them had something to say in reference to the fight on May 5th.

“Without a doubt I won the first fight. Thank God we have this second fight…he felt he won, I felt I won, this second fight will erase all doubts,” Canelo Alvarez said.

“Everybody knows I won the fight,” Golovkin responded. “I believe in my power, I believe in my strategy, I believe in my team, and I believe in my fans that support me.”

Chepo Reynoso, Canelo’s co-trainer and manager, shared his thoughts about the first fight. “Before the decision was announced, we were very confident that Canelo had won the fight. Boxing is not just about punching and getting punched, it’s about hitting and not getting hit,” Chepo stated. “You know what? May 5th, we leave no doubt who the better fighter is and who pound for pound is the best fighter today, and that’s Canelo Alvarez.”

“…the first fight was a great fight…we haven’t seen a real fight in the last 10 to 15 years, and come Cinco De Mayo we will see it again and it will be much better,” stated Golden Boy Promotions president Oscar De La Hoya. “Let me tell you one thing…I believe Canelo will knock him out.”

“It’s gonna be a war…we believe that Triple-G won the first fight, he’s gonna turn up the pressure…we’re gonna see you Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas,” K2 Promotions president Tom Loeffler said.

Things picked up a bit when trainer Abel Sanchez talked on the mic. Canelo gave an assessment of Sanchez as a trainer, and Abel took offense to it. Alvarez also brought up that Sanchez promised the fans that Golovkin would knock him out in the first fight. Sanchez responded by stating “it’s impossible to knock somebody out when he fights the fight not to be knocked out. You also promised that you would knock Golovkin out in ten (rounds).”

When the press conference was done, fans could tell that Canelo was eager to get in the ring to prove that he is the better fighter. Golovkin feels the same way. On May 5th, we will get that answer.


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